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Orcaplast for your innovation
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Machines and humans

On the move for 40 years

We are specialists of plastic parts injection who control end to end the production of injected parts, from design, through tools manufacturing, up to the assembly of complete sets

Originally named Polyplast, Orcaplast was founded in 1980 in Paris by Marc Lanovaz. It was directed from the 1990s by Yves Collinet, who contributed greatly to its development, notably by taking over in 2000 the site located in Pierrefitte sur Sauldre, Loir and Cher, while he was Managing Director of the company Polyplast.

In 1991, the company moved to Brie Comte Robert (Seine et Marne), on the company’s current site.

In 2009, Rémi Guy-Grand took over the company within the Simorgh Plastic group to continue its development. In 2012, Benoit Plastique joined the group, followed by CME in 2019.

Our industrial means and human resources

A wide range of productive equipment

Capabilities that cover many needs

  • Up to 800T clamping strength
  • 3D measurement control machine
  • 25 machines from 40 to 800T
  • 460T clamping strength machine

Machines and humans

Orcaplast offers at the best cost the injection of plastic parts according to a wide range of materials, processes, and finishes.

We are located in the Ile de France region and the Loire Valley region, and have a total area of 5100 m2 of workshop and storage. All our sites are located less than 20 kms from the highway network.

Our machinery offers a wide range of injection press and robots, from 20T to 800T clamping force. We perform single injection, bi injection, over molding of metalic or plastic inserts, and gaz injection.

Orcaplast offers quality tooling at the best cost. We closely partner for more than 15 years with a unique tool maker based in China, following stringent processes and managed with continuous improvement initiative.

We also manufacture through Simorgh Plastic group many tools in France, which provides optimum reactivity when modification or repair is needed.

Men and women who control, assemble, weld, or decorate your functionnal assemblies implement their know how to add value to the plastic part.

  • Mass production
  • Leakage detection and sealing control
  • Injection and mechanics
  • Robots and machines

Our values

Responsibility and demand

Partnership and collaboration

Our commitments

Beyond our technical skills that we strive to maintain and deepen, we built our success on simple values. They are the basement of the long term relationships that we keep with our customers, for their success and ours.

We feel accountable for companies’ societal responsibilities, as factors of social cohesion, economic prosperity and environnemental protection. Orcaplast development dynamic is fundamentally carried by these responsibilities

Furthermore, we are a team that endorses its responsibilities, whether they are those of success or failure. Our teams value the outcome exactness and the rigorous deepening of the subjects.

  • Open minded

    Innovation is easier if questions are permanent

  • Acuracy and requirement

    Our teams get into details

  • Partnership

    We progress efficiently with a partnership spirit

  • Listening and goodwill

    Goodwill towards customers, suppliers, and employees