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A wide range of markets

The wide range of our parts fuels our innovation

Industrial parts
Assembling, fitting, and control of the function
Complete Plasturgy for respiratory assistant

Versatility and innovation

As a result of our parts design and mould production capabilities, we are developing in areas where plastic parts fulfill a relatively complex technical function, often being associated with non-plastic components (metal inserts, seals, decoration).

Diversity of our parts fuels our development. It permanently sustains our innovation, and benefits each market from specific knowhows developped in a special sector.

We have developped specific know-how in gas injection, big size plastic parts, In Mold Labelling, overmoulding of metallic inserts, bi-injection.

Our main areas of activity range from decorative parts for vehicule, technical industrial parts, automotive, appliances, to film conservation boxes, POS, cosmetics, or promotional objects.

Innovative and technical

Industrial Technical parts

Automotive, railways, agriculture, capital goods

  • Hydrolic pump
  • Bi injected Winch handle
  • Sprayer handle
  • Bi material and chromed tractor logo

Useful and functional Plastic parts

We work for civil and military transportation, railways, automotive, electronics. These domains require to transform highly technical materials, submitted to severe temperature, mechanical, electrical and fire constraints.

The dimensional tolerances for these sectors often range under the hundredth of mm

Our customers also move in a broad range of sectors, as diverse as hydrolic pumps, haircut materials, ladders, air conditionning, robotics, construction.

We work on metal substitution with highly technical plastics

For these domains, we conduct complex assemblies, combined with leakage and sealing pressure tests.

We are able to print QR Codes to ensure part traceability on the assembling lines of our customers.

  • Air conditionning pump
  • POS bi injected
  • Construction concrete box
  • Technical and decorative parts

Gas Injection

Orcaplast is a specialist of gas injection

Manufacturing plastic injected parts

  • handle
  • Gas injected tractor cabin handle

Gas injection

We are equipped with a driven air compressor from Bauer, which allows to perform on our different machines gas injected plastic parts.

Gas injection leads to manufacture high volumes plastic injected parts, with minimum weight and material consumption. It allows to get parts with limited shrinkage besides their important thickness.

Gas injection also permits to strengthen flat parts, by adding thick but hollow stiffeners.

  • Glove box assembly
  • Gas injected handle in ABS PC

Cabin interior decorative parts

Lightness to reduce gas comsuption

Both decorative and technical

  • Tractor dashboard
  • Refrigerated console

A market where technical performance and decorative aspect are critical

Whether in the cabin interior or outside the vehicule, the parts we develop for our customers are most of the time grained or matt.

The big size parts require to anticipate precisely the material shrink, to fit the desired dimensions. We have technical specific methods, like the addition of foaming or nucleating agent in the material to increse the plastic part thickness.

We also manufacture door or gate devices, with hinges, magnets or nets ( glove box, stowage compartment)

  • Trims and cabin interior parts
  • Glove box

Packaging, POS, and archiving

Special functions for assembling and moving


We design for many customers numerous POS products, for mass distribution, but also cosmetics or luxury industry.

For the dental sector, we manufacture packaging and boxes for dental implents.

We also manufacture modular storage and drawers in different size.

In partnership with the French National Center for Cinema, we have designed film containers, for archiving and protection of old films.

  • Clip Leclerc
  • L'Oreal POS
  • Multicolor sales presentation boxes
  • L'Oreal Professional 6 drawers

Honey pots

Manufacturing of honey pots

We manufacture in the heart of the Sologne region

IML honey pot

We have been manufacturing for over 15 years some honey pots in polypropylene.

Produced in Loir et Cher, at the heart of the Sologne region, our honey pots are decorated with up to 5 colors digital printing. Injected and decorated in one production cycle with In Mold Labelling technic, the pot and its label offer an exceptionnal decoration quality.

Resistant, light, and decorative, our honey pots are fully recyclable. The comply to environment and alimentary specfications.

You can find them in 500g or 1kg size, transparents, white or colored, with standard or secured lid.

You can choose among our 3 decorations with transparent or non transparent pot, or go for the complete personalisation of your pot through its label.

Whether you provide you ready to use decoration, or need help to create it, we are available to assist you in your project.

  • IML labels
  • Up to 5 colors decorations
  • Making honey jars

Film containers

Design and manufacturing of film containers for archiving and conservation

Designed for the French Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée

Products for the European leaders for cinematography conservation

Our film containers are produced in Polypropylene. Inert material, it ensures neutrality versus chemical process involved in the deterioration of cinematographic films.

Light, resistant and durable, our film containers ensure film conservation in optimum conditions.

Very simply designed, their stacking is easy and stable.

Lid adjustment is acheived with one tenth of mm precision, to provide an easy opening effect, but eliminate any risk of unintentional fall off during use.

Vents are included in the lid to ensure film ventilation and prevent the suction effect when opening.

Our last model of film container has been developped to be adapted to the last conservation technics under controlled atmosphere.

Our containers are available in 16 and 35 mm format, for length of 120, 300, and 600m.

Please contact us for more information.

  • Bi colored 300X35 film container
  • Bi colored 300X35 film container
  • 600X35mm film container
  • Film containers from 120 to 600m length

Satellite dish

Transparent satellite dish for more slightly apparent

  • PMMA satellite dishs

Transparent PMMA satellite dish

Our satellite dishes are manufactured with a metalic grid overmolded by PMMA. They feature a low visibility thanks to their transparency.

Our antennas performances are similar to the one of classical steel dishes.

Our TV equipment partners add to the satellite dish the receiving part of the equipment.

Feel free to contact us to know more.

  • Complete TV satellite receiver