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Quality serving the system

A structuring tool for improvement

Quality at the service of the system
Part control with 3D arm
Part control gauge

Our 3 Pillars: Iso 9001, Continuous Improvement, the Environment

Our Quality approach is based on 3 fundamental pillars: a quality system compliant with the Iso9001 version 2015 standard, a pragmatic continuous improvement that concerns each department of the company and is managed at the top management level, an environmental approach that minimizes the environmental impact of the operation of the company.

Without it, we would not be able to work with technical materials for applications with multiple requirements: precision, appearance, functionality, compliance with standards, recyclability, compostability.

Our experience in the automotive industry over the past 20 years has strengthened our management of quality processes. Orcaplast has been certified Iso 9001 since 1996, and has moved to Iso 9001 2015 certification in 2017.

Our Quality Vision

Operational and pragmatic quality

  • Profile projector control
  • 3D control machine measuring ball
  • Iso 9001 certificate
  • Capability on a piece in PPS

In synergy with development

Our Quality department is focused on the control and validation of parts, both in the manufacturing phases, but also in the development and industrialization phases, in a close partnership with the Design Department.

It is also at the service of our customers to quickly resolve, in an open partnership, the industrial problems that may occur.

And the Quality department is a pilot for continuous improvement projects. It also ensures regulatory monitoring to ensure that our products comply with the regulations.

Our control equipment, tests, and metrology (3D control, compression traction, climatic chamber, colorimeter, etc.) accompany us both in the development and production phases, to ensure the conformity of your parts with specifications. We are equipped for some productions with AI driven control camera.

Quality is at the centre of our activities. We ensure complete traceability from the input of the raw material to the delivery of the finished part, combined with continuous control of our production processes.

  • Car stop compression test
  • Trim gauge
  • Compliance control
  • Control Screen Compression Traction Machine

The materials used

Technical, polymeric, elastomeric, or recycled materials

One material for each application

Standard or high-tech material

Our fields of activity and our customers lead us to work all the large families of polymers and elastomers.

Self-extinguishing, anti-UV-treated, talc-charged, fibreglass-laden materials adapt to technical requirements and the most demanding environments. Partners of the major polymer producers, we are able to determine for you the right material for the right application.

We control the use of additives such as inflating or anti-reassure agents that allow large parts to be made.

We make for you the coloring of the material according to the standards RAL, Pantone, or samples provided by you.

We are working on the substitution of metal with high-tech plastics such as PPS or PPO, which allow to achieve high dimensional precision and high-level mechanical properties.

We comply with the requirements of REACH and ROHS regulations for the use of chemicals.

  • Yellow dye
  • Translucent hairdryer shell
  • PP loaded wood
  • Infant Teat Holder
  • ABS PC Orange
  • Brass inserts


Eco-responsible plastics

Our environmental approach

Beyond the company’s environmental approach to minimise its carbon footprint, we integrate a comprehensive approach to recycling all our plastic waste into our internal processes.

We are also developing the use of recycled plastics such as PCR (post consumer recycled), PIR (post industrial recycled), and bio-sourced and biodegradable or compostable plastics.